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Challenge yourself with Cha Cha

Updated: Feb 8

Stage 1:

In the beginning, Cha Cha teaches you how to move to faster rhythms on smaller dance floors. Compact steps allow you to dance to fun and up-beat popular music. Cha Cha is the perfect way to begin learning how to move your feet fast!

Stage 2:

Once you've got the basics, Cha Cha introduces solo figures that as the leader or follower you can dance on your own. Still in sync, but no longer touching in the typical partner-dance fashion. What a great skill to feel confident with even outside of Cha Cha dancing.

Stage 3:

In stage 3 the Cha Cha continues to introduce new challenges such as advanced foot placement on turning and progressive actions. You really start to feel like a dancer when learning the skills that go with the steps.

Stage 4:

Then, as the follower you learn to use your feet and legs to create advanced swivelling actions. As the leader you learn how to lead from a stationary position. Following the natural progression you started in stage 1, the skills you learn in Cha Cha compliment many other styles of dance such as the Mambo and Rumba.

Challenge yourself with the Cha Cha tonight!

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