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The Freedom of Fox Trot

Updated: Feb 8

Stage 1:

Let's take a walk... The first thing you learn in Foxtrot is how to walk. Smooth, even steps forward and back. Match your walk to the music and pair up with a partner and your walk becomes a dance. Now you can move smoothly and rhythmically.

Stage 2:

Once you feel good walking you can introduce directional movements which make it easier for you to manoeuvre on crowder dance floors.

Stage 3:

Elevating your Foxtrot means learning new timings and developing long flowing steps. The 'box rhythm' makes it feel like you are dancing with the music, not just to it.

Stage 4:

Adding rotational movement to you Foxtrot increases your ability to get around the dance floor. Introducing continuity styling will be the final step to expressing that ballroom feeling. With walking being the foundational element of Foxtrot, this dance is the perfect companion to learning any other dance including Waltz and Tango.

Find the freedom to dance Fox Trot today!

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