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Work up a Sweat with Swing

Stage 1:

Ready...Set... Swing! At first you'll be introduced to tight, compact steps to help create fun, rhythmical movements. You'll love Single Swing for all the super-fast Rock 'n' Roll songs and Triple Swing will keep you moving fast even when the music is a little slower.

Stage 2:

Once your rhythm is feeling good the focus shifts to learning turns and spins. As a leader you focus on how to signal and assist the follower. As the follower you get to enjoy spinning to your heart's content.

Stage 3:

As you continue your journey through Swing, you will learn the 8-count or 'Lindy' timing. Lindy figures will give you new and exciting ways to express musicality and give you that good cardio feeling.

Stage 4:

In stage 4 you further develop the use of alternate timings. Multiple triples keep your energy up and the addition of swivels works your core and gives you those awesome swing dancing vibes.

Start working up a Sweat with Swing today!

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