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Group Class Ballroom Dancing


Social dance lessons in Adelaide

At Arthur Murray Dance Centre Adelaide, we’ll customise a program of ballroom dance classes to suit your goals, your level of experience and your preferred style.

Using our proven three-step system, your program will include a mix of:

  • personal sessions

  • group classes

  • hosted dance parties

And your program is completely customised to suit your availability. Whether you want to dance every night of the week or only a few times a month, at Arthur Murray, we’ll get you dancing sooner.


Whether you’re young or mature. Single or in a couple. A complete beginner or an experienced dancer.

Our ballroom dance classes will bring fun, passion and energy to your life.

  • Are you looking for a way to wind down after a long day at work?

  • Do you have a dinner dance event or big cruise holiday?

  • Are you looking for a dreamy bridal waltz you’ll remember forever?

Whoever you are and whatever you want from dance, at Arthur Murray we’ll get you dancing with style and confidence (and you’ll have a blast doing it).

What do you want to achieve with dance?

Social Dance Classes

Our social dancing programs are for singles, couples and groups of all ages and all levels of experience.

Wedding Dance Lessons Adelaide

Start your married life in the arms of the one you love with dreamy first dance you’ll all remember forever.

Ballroom Dance Competition

Showcase your skills with a dance program choreographed and taught by Australian ballroom dance judges.


Your first ballroom dance lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Centre is FREE. And there’s no obligation to continue.

At this first session, we’ll get to know you, your level of experience, your availability for lessons, and your dance goals.

Then we’ll devise a program based on the revolutionary Arthur Murray system.

This style of dance instruction has been taught in Arthur Murray studios all over the world for over 100 years. And it’s proven to get results and have you dancing with confidence, sooner.

Social Dance Lessons South Australia


By combining private lessons with confidence building group classes and the chance to practise your skills at our parties, you’ll gain the confidence you need to embrace the magic of dance.

Private Dance Lessons


Your private lessons are important. They’re where 70% of your learning happens. You’ll learn:

  • dance skills and steps

  • how to lead or follow

  • how to dance to music

Your personal sessions can be taken as a single, in a couple or even in a small group of friends.

We’ll determine a schedule based on your individual needs and availability.

Each lesson will be planned and focused on particular skills to build your dance confidence and further your dance journey.

Learn to Dance in Adelaide


Your group sessions are where you build confidence through practise. In a group of up to 10 dances you’ll:

  • learn poise and balance

  • practise steps

  • build muscle memory

There are approximately 15 groups each week, catering to all experience levels. Your instructor will advise you which groups you should attend based on your needs and availability.

As part of your Arthur Murray membership, you’ll have unlimited access to our timetabled groups.

Social Dance Classes


The parties are where the real fun happens. You get to practise in a social setting. Our dance parties are:

  • fully hosted by qualified instructors

  • a place to practise in real life

  • held fortnightly on a Friday

Our parties are fun, with no judgement and a welcoming, friendly vibe.

If you don’t know anyone, our instructors will get you up dancing and mingling. No wallflowers here.

Dance parties are a chance for you to try out your moves on a real dance floor, ask questions and identify things you want to work on in your next lesson.


When you sign up for ballroom dance classes at our Adelaide studio, we’ll work out a membership to suit you.

There are no lock-in contracts and your program is 100% flexible

Your dance curriculum will be designed to fit your:

level of dance experience and ability

dance goals you want to achieve

availability for lessons (once or twice a week, once a fortnight, once a month, whoever suits you)

As a member of our studio, you’ll have unlimited access to our group sessions n(suited to your level of experience) and parties. And as part of the Arthur Murray network, you’ll be able to join lessons at over 280 studios in 22 countries when you travel. So even if you’re out of town, you can keep dancing.

Your personal progress will depend on what you put in. But we’ll be there to guide you through every new step.

Salsa Classes Adelaide


Your first private lesson is FREE, and there’s no obligation to continue.

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