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Whether you are wanting to learn the classic ballroom dances like Waltz, or Foxtrot or the popular latin styles like Cha Cha and Rumba, taking lessons at Arthur Murray Adelaide is the most fun to learn. Variety is the spice of life, learn a range of dance styles to enjoy more parties, hit the floor at dinner dances or shake your stuff on a cruise. Find yourself being invited to lots of weddings lately? Learn the essential social dances and put your best foot forward. Arthur Murray Dance Centre is also known as a studio that offers a large amount of variety. Check out some of the exciting dances you can start learning today.

Elegance is back on the menu. The Ballroom dance style includes a range of popular classics such as Tango and Waltz. Each of the Smooth dances will have you gliding and sweeping across the dance floor with poise and grace.

Learn the Waltz

It’s time to get funky. The Latin dance style includes lots of up-beat favourite dances such as the Swing and Cha Cha. The Rhythm style will get you rocking and shimmying around to awesome music.

Learn how to Latin dance

Get fit and get social. The Club Latin dance style includes lots of fast-paced energetic dances such as the Salsa and Merengue. The Club Latin style will have you spinning and zooming around all the latin hotspots.

Latin Clubs Adelaide

Get ready to rock. The Swing dance style includes specialty dances like the West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop. The Swing style will get you in touch with your jive-side.

Swing Session

The “Bridal Waltz” can take many forms: A traditional Waltz. A romantic Rumba. A carefree Swing. A jazzy Fox Trot. Or something completely different.

Wedding Dance Lessons
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