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Elegance is back on the menu!

Learn the Waltz

Picture yourself dancing to the timeless classic tempo of 1-2-3, 1-2-3. Elegance & grace are back baby! The Waltz is still a popular social dance as well as being the cornerstone of ALL Ballroom dances. A must for any enthusiastic beginner.

Learn the Tango

Get a bit dramatic! The Tango is best known for its passion. Feel like a ‘real’ dancer within a few lessons. The Tango is the perfect fit for those that want to express themselves on the dance floor. The important dance skills of Lead and Follow are best learned in the Tango helping you in any dance you try your hand at.


Learn the Foxtrot

Enjoy a dance that is fun, easy and done to awesome music. The Fox Trot is a favourite among social dancers the world over. Been going to a few weddings lately or have an event coming up? Fox Trot can be danced to 90% of all music. Relax and dance along to sweet big band and jazz music. Fox Trot is the perfect way to learn floor craft and how to get around the dance floor with ease.

Learn the Viennese Waltz

The Viennese Waltz is the mother of all Ballroom dances. Spin and glide across the dance floor to classical music or modern anthems.The Viennese's elegance, grace and speed are admired the world over. A true classic and a favourite amoung advanced dancers.

Quicksteps Adelaide

A fun and fast Ballroom dance, the Quickstep is a fusion of Fox Trot and Charleston dance styles. While the Quickstep is not the easiest social dance to learn, a small routine is enough to have fun on a cruise ship or other dance event where Quickstep is popular.

Peabody Foxtrot Quicksteps

The Peabody is a super fun, old/new social dance. As an early precursor to the Quickstep, the Peabody has a tradition all of its own but is mostly danced today to up-tempo modern music. Jump in and learn this rhythmic dance style today.

Latin Dance Lessons - Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing

The sexy Cha Cha, romantic Rumba and rock'n Swing are just a few of the dances that make up the exciting Latin style of social dancing.

Rhythm & Latin Dances

Salsa Dance

Salsa dancing is fun, energetic and a great social activity. Add some Bachata, Merengue & Zouk for variety (the spice of life!).

Club Latin & Street Dances

West Coast Swing

The slinky West Coast Swing, the lively Lindy Hop and the Country Western dances are all super fun to learn.

Swing Dancing & More

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