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  • You will gain a passport to fun and easy social dancing! The Fox Trot is a great “getting to know” you dance

  • You will be able to cut a rug to fabulous big band music. Artists such as Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra have lot’s of great music to Foxtrot to.

  • You can learn bop away while learning the basics of putting one foot in front of the other. Fox Trot is a great dance for beginners to learn.

Ballroom Dance Foxtrot


The Fox Trot provides a good foundation for all dances and is often called the ‘get-acquainted’ or ‘first-impression’ dance.

Learn to Dance Foxtrot

Fox Trot is a basic dance from which you can acquire a good foundation. Learning to combine steps easily and smoothly teaches variety and manoeuvrability. The Fox Trot posture is attractive in appearance and helpful to all other dances. Being able to dance to slow, medium and fast tempos will add confidence to your dancing and will assure fun and relaxation for your partner.

The basic components of the Fox Trot are walking steps and side steps. Crowded dance floors and nightclub conditions require short steps. In larger ballrooms the slow Fox Trot is characterised by longer, smooth and gliding steps, with an ease of movement and control giving this dance an unhurried appearance.

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