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  • You can dance to up-beat swing music in an “old-timey” romp of a dance

  • You can take your Foxtrot dancing to the next level by dancing to faster music and rhythmically strutting around the dance floor

  • You can be part of a fun revival of and early ballroom hit that is fun to dance to rag-time classics and modern electro-swing alike

Ballroom Dance Peabody Foxtrot Quicksteps


Fun and lively, Peabody is easy to learn and an awesome way to enjoy fast music while burning around the floor!

Peabody Foxtrot Quickstep

The Peabody is a lively, fast-paced dance with movements that can cover a great distance. The commonly used ‘outside partner’ dance position, allows for quick broad steps like lock steps and quick turns that can take you and the dance briskly around the floor.

The Peabody began as a variation on the Fox Trot, which was created in New York by Harry Fox in Manhattan theatre-turned-movie-house in 1914. Captain Peabody was said to be making the rounds at various Jazz clubs in the late teens to early 1920s. His derivative of a very fast extort is set to Dixieland Jazz or Ragtime music.

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