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  • You will feel expressive and strong as you stride around the dance floor

  • You can enjoy moving to the heart beat of Tango music, striking  dramatic poses and having blast

  • You will feel like you’re in the movies, living the energy of films like “Shall we Dance?” and “Take the Lead”

  • You can join have fun learning a real “dancer’s dance” 

Ballroom Dance Tango


The Tango is one of the most beautiful of all the dances. It is characterised by earthy and dramatic movements.

Learn the Tango

Rudolph Valentino single-handedly danced this Latin import into nationwide popularity beginning in 1910. Although widely believed to have originated in Argentina, it actually may have come from Spain. It’s dramatic, exciting and known as the Dancer’s Dance. The Tango, with all its staccato movements, greatly improves a man’s lead or a woman’s ability to follow (respond) and develops a strong sense of feeling for music.

In order to achieve the distinctive style of the Tango it is important to develop controlled staccato footwork, along with fluid graceful movements. mThe unique rhythm of the music is great training for timing and phrasing which develops as the dancer becomes more proficient. Tango practice is essential towards becoming a good dancer.

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