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  • You will feel and graceful and elegant sweeping across the dance floor

  • You don’t have to be a wall flower when the band or deejay plays a song with the famous Waltz 1-2-3 timing

  • You can get social dancing right away, as the Waltz is easy to learn and a fun place to start for beginners

  • You will be part of a classic dance legacy spanning over 200 years of class and expression

Ballroom Dance Waltz


The elegant sweeping movement of the Waltz gives dancers a chance to practice balance and move lightly with ease.

Learn the Waltz

This “mother of all dances” originated in Italy in the 1600s as a round dance called the Volte. It arrived in America in the early 1800s and was the first social dance in which a woman was actually held in a man’s arms. Learning to Waltz is elegant. The Waltz develops graceful movement and poise. Every wedding reception, social “black-tie” formal and holiday party includes Waltz.

Waltz develops balance and control. The Basic Waltz steps are the foundation patterns used in most ballroom dances. Correct posture, rise and fall, and flowing movements should be stressed to achieve good styling.

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