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Get fit and get social!

Latin Dance Club Salsa

This fun, fast-paced Latin dance has been sweeping Australia and the world for several years now! Travel to any city, in almost any country and you'll see that a good Salsa club is never hard to find, and a good Salsa dancer is always in demand. Composed of quick foot switches and multiple spins and turns, this dance is a must have.

The Bachata. Street Latin Dance.

A latin dance with simple footwork and strong hip movement. The music is romantic in nature and the movement reflects the story of love and heartbreak. Bachata steps involve many optional turns for the lady.

Merengue Lessons. Latin Classes Adelaide

Merengue is fun, fast and easy to learn. Merengue is not only a popular club latin dance, but a great way to learn and practise cuban motion (the sexy hip actions) that will add flavour to all Latin and Club Latin dances

Argentine Tango Classes Adelaide

Argentine Tango is a sensual and sophisticated dance. It builds a deep feeling between partners creating a dance full of expression.

You can also learn Milonga & Tango Vals at Arthur Murray.

Modern Dance

From the elegance of the Waltz to the passion of the Tango and the fun of the Fox Trot, the Ballroom dances are all classics that remain as popular today as ever.

Latin Dance Classes

The sexy Cha Cha, romantic Rumba and rock'n Swing are just a few of the dances that make up the exciting Latin style of social dancing.

Swing Out Adelaide

The slinky West Coast Swing, the lively Lindy Hop and the Country Western dances are all super fun to learn.

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