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  • You can learn to dance just like in the movies. For the ladies, you can swivel and flick in your red dress and fishnet stockings. For the gentelmen, you can frame your partner in a dashing suit.


  • You will be able to enjoy dancing at Milongas, the name of a dedicated Tango dance occasion. Whether in a cafe in Buenos Aires, under a bridge in Paris or at a club in your local city.


  • Take a mental holiday. You can challenge yourself with a variety of tricky patterns and at the end of the session realise that you havent been able to think about anything else.

Argentine Tango Milonga


Argentine Tango is a sensual and sophisticated dance. It builds a deep feeling between partners creating a dance full of expression.

Argentine Tango Classes Adelaide

Argentine Tango has been popularised on stage and screen a s dance of passion through its dramatic portrayal. Even the most advanced dancers will be beckoned by the challenge of this dance. You will discover why the Argentineans think of it as more than just a dance, but a way of life.

The Argentine Tango is danced using an embrace. The embrace position has the dancers’ chests closer together than their hips and often has both the leader and the follower in complete contact, dancing cheek to cheek. However, the embrace is not rigid, but relaxed, so that all figures can be danced comfortably. The Argentine Tango is a dance full of emotion and is often dictated by the highlights in the music.

The Milonga: The characteristic swaying walk of the Milonga adds fun and style to this dance. It is a dance full of energy and personal interpretation which make sit an indispensable dance for anyone who has danced Argentine Tango.

The Tango Vals: Tango Vals is an inspiring dance; teaching its to fine tune our ears to dance on slow, middle and fast timings while creating a deep consciousness of the body and its sensuality.

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