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  • An easy dance to pick up and go with. The simple one-two, one-two beat means that anyone can learn and start Merengue dancing quickly and easily.


  • One of the most popular styles danced at a Salsa club dance evening, the Merengue is a must for any Street Latin dancer to learn.


  • The Merengue provides a platform to develop many skills (such as Cuban Motion) that will benefit multiple rhythm dances.

Salsa and Merengue Street Latin


Merengue is the simplest dance to learn. Its uncomplicated timing makes it easy to feel the music.

Salsa and Merengue Lessons Adelaide

Walking steps and side steps (Chasse) are the basic components of Merengue. This dance is introduced as a marching dance but can be developed into something very rhythmical. With lots of Cuban Motion and animated body movement, the Merengue gives a festive party appeal.

Merengue develops Cuban Motion and the ability to adapt to any partner. It is the only Latin dance which combines one-step timing with Cuban Motion and therefore is a help to all Latin dances. The march type beat sharpens timing and coordination and the paper use of the accent will develop a clearer interpretation of musical rhythm.

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