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Want to put your dance hobby on the fast track?  Do you ever wish you could switch places with a celebrity on Dancing with the Stars? While there are many students that prefer to learn to be a comfortable social dancer, there are those that want a challenge, and to push their ballroom and latin dancing to an exhibition level. 
Maybe you loved performing in another hobby, or you just need an aggressive, but fun, deadline to make the most of your investment in this activity. Whatever the reason, Arthur Murray Showcase is an exciting way to push the limits of your comfort zone.

Ballroom Dance Lessons
Social Dance Adelaide


You can dance 'in the spotlight' on a smaller scale every month at Arthur Murray Adelaide. During a break in the evening's dance party, an encouraging crowd will cheer you on and an expert adjudicator will be on hand to give you feedback on a couple of your dances. Don't worry each 'spotlight dance' is done with other dancers on the floor.


If you like the idea of competitive dancing but haven't been brave enough to try, then Arthur Murray Pro/Am events may just be for you!
A weekend devoted to dressing up and competing, you will perform for a panel of judges and your peformance will be awarded a bronze, silver or gold medal to reflect your achievements.      
Many students choose to compete at a national or international level - with over 260 studios hosting events around the world there is always a competition that we can get involved in.
The Australian Dance-O-Rama is an annual event usually held in Sydney and has dance centres from around Australia and the world attending. Recently Arthur Murray Adelaide has also gone to Hawaii, Venice & Las Vegas!

Dance Competition Adelaide
Latin Lessons for Adults

My passion was to dance. Arthur Murray Adelaide has made it possible! Dancing has changed my life, I'm happier and healthier than ever before.

"I have been at Arthur Murray for 5 years now and I'm happy to say that not only have I developed my dance skills, I have been fortunate to travel the world doing what I love best DANCE.


If you are looking for fun, social dancing or for that special occasion to impress your family and friends this is definitely the place to come and for those who want to take on the more competitive aspect you will not be disappointed.


Do something for yourself: 

Live life dancing!"

Enza Signore

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