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  • You will have fun and keep fit while looking elegant on the dance floor


  • You will be able to join in with others on a cruise ship or at a Ballroom dance event as Quicksteps are a popular choice of music at these type of event.


  • You can enjoy the up tempo old-timey music and feel transported to the past by embracing a classic style of dance.



The Quickstep is quick! High energy and stylish, good Quickstep dancers always look impressive as they dart and weave across the ballroom in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it display of elegance and fun

G Smooth.jpg

The Quickstep started out as a fusion of quick Foxtrot and Charleston. Quickstep is best danced to up-tempo swing music of the early 20th century.


The basic actions of Quickstep are based on the same movements as the Foxtrot. It is recommended to have a good base of knowledge in the slower Foxtrot before doubling the speed and trying the Quickstep. But it can make a fun addition to your ballroom dancing bag-of-tricks.

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