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The Rhythm of Rumba

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Stage 1:

As you take your first steps on the dance floor, Rumba teaches you compact foot positions necessary for dancing in nightclub situations or on crowded dance floors. For example: a wedding reception, a cruise ship disco floor or a even a cocktail bar.

Stage 2:

You will next learn the ability to lead or follow in the iconic closed dance hold or in open position. This is where you will start learning to move your hips too.

Stage 3:

At this stage in your learning you will be introduced to some fun tight turning actions know as "spot turns". What a great feeling to turning and spiral on the dance floor.

Stage 4:

Rumba continues to develop your steps and skills by adding more advanced leading and following through arm and hand connections. These skills also compliment dance styles like Swing and Salsa.

Feel the Rhythm of Rumba today!

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