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Dancing is good for your relationship

Whether you are a new couple, preparing for your wedding, starting a family or happily celebrating a milestone anniversary, there is nothing better than dancing to bring you closer to your partner. Rather than the hard work often associated with maintaining a good relationship, dancing offers a fun and fanciful way to stay connected. So dust off your dance shoes and prepare to become entwined with your other half.

Learning together

If neither of you is a natural dancer, then you may feel self-conscious during your first few lessons, but you’ll find a real bond as you overcome these nerves together. Not only can you help each other while you learn, but once you master the basic steps, they key is to practice, practice, practice. Suddenly you will have a huge advantage as you will be able to try out the moves whenever you are together; whether that’s at home in your living room or at a social dance at the weekend.

Let’s get physical

Dancing can feel a little awkward with a stranger, but pairing up with your loved one will enable you to really put the passion and romance into a style without feeling embarrassed. Simply holding hands is something that is often not possible on a daily basis when you’re at work or have a demanding home life, and so the touch of your partner while dancing provides a powerful connection. It is easy to take someone for granted when you have been with them for a while, but couples who dance together take a fresh look at their partner as they get into hold.

Fighting fit

They say that you can tell a couple are contented when they start to put on a little extra weight, but a regular dance night will give you a great physical workout without having to brave the gym. Jiving really works your legs, Latin dances will tone those bingo wings, and Ballroom styles smooth out any love handles; before long you will both have trim figures again and won’t be able to keep your hands off each other, on or off the dance floor.

Choose your style

There are so many different styles of dance to choose from, that you are bound to find something to suit your relationship. Old romantics will swoon for the sentiment of a Waltz; classic movie lovers can recreate the elegance of Astaire and Rogers with a Foxtrot or Quickstep; flirty couples can have fun with the infectious Cha Cha; sensitive souls might prefer the tender emotion of the Rumba; drama queens will thrive on the role-playing passion of a Tango or Flamenco; while the sashays of a Salsa will reveal your saucy side.

Practice makes perfect

As you repeatedly practice together, you will develop a deeper connection and will be able to read each other’s moves with ease. The more you practice, the smoother it will be, and before long you will be taking the social dance floor looking like awesome dancers as well as lovers.

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