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Give Yourself Over To Dance

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Some people feel self-conscious when they first learn to dance, others find it a bit contrived, but if you let go and give yourself over to the discipline you will reap the rewards. We explore how relaxing into the art of dance can help you grow physically, mentally & emotionally.

Free your mind

Once you get into the swing of dancing, the constant concentration required to co-ordinate your legs, arms, body and head in the right direction at all times, prevents you from focusing on any other worries. This means that dancing is one of the best stress relievers as you literally leave your cares at the door, and a class can significantly help you relax and feel confident to face the world again.

Let’s get physical

In a nutshell, dancing can improve your cardio, muscle tone, balance, co-ordination and bone strength, keep your mind sharp and stimulate weight loss. And when you’re in better physical shape, you’ll also naturally feel more confident and secure about yourself – so giving yourself over to dance is good for you, inside and out.

Inner strength

In addition to the physical benefits, learning to dance is a great way to gain inner strength and boost your confidence. As you begin to master the steps of your chosen style, you’ll feel accomplished – it’s no mean feat combining the steps with the music and partner, so you should feel proud of your achievement. Each dance has its own character and taking on that persona can also help you put a brave face in everyday situations.

Expand your emotions

To dance well you need to lose your inhibitions and feel the rhythm of the music – once you’re in tune with the sound, it will be impossible to stand still. Exploring the arts in this primal way is very liberating and will help you grow emotionally to the point when you’re able to express yourself with total abandonment. Embracing dance affords a sense of emotional freedom that many don’t find in a modern society.

Create your own high

Your body will release endorphins when you dance as it’s a physical activity, but you will exacerbate this natural high through the fact that dancing is such fun. Laughing as you are learn and enjoying the buzz of a step performed well will increase your general sense of well-being and satisfaction with life.

Reach out

Dancing requires physical contact with a partner, which in itself can restore your inner peace. However you’ll also find that you learn to ready people’s body language, which will help you in many situations throughout life.

By learning to dance you’ll see a step-change in many areas of your life, and all for the better.

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