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New Years Resolution

As we begin our journey into 2018, so many of us look at our lives with fresh hopes and ideas of making positive changes.

To become healthier and happier appeals to us all. This is why we find Arthur Murray studios world-wide being inundated with new student inquiries.

Dancing no doubt is a ”one pill” solution to so many of our goals to improve our quality of life.

1. Excercise-improved health and fitness levels

When people dance we don’t think of it as excercise, yet it uses every part of your body,and because its fun you will do it for longer and more often during the week.Any fitness level benefits from Social dancing as with the variety of the smooth to the uptempo rhythms it works the cardio-vascular system at what ever pace suits you. When your having fun feeling and moving to the music, you body cant help itself it just wants to keep moving and dancing!

2. Improved social life- meet more people

The Arthur Murray Studios focus on the every day social use of dance.Along with full time teaching hours ,dance parties are held weekly at your local studio encouraging students of all levels to meet and mingle and enjoy there dancing with fellow students and instructors. Topped with Gala Balls, dance festivals, dinner dance outings both locally Nationally and Internationally, you are bound to make a new bunch of dance friends when learning in the Arthur Murray schools.

3. Improved personal confidence

Dancing allows you to explore a different side of your personality. No matter how serious your every day job or role in life maybe, through dance we can become free of inhibitions by becoming one with the music. Sensual latin rhythms speak to our soul and as we learn to move to the beat we become in touch with our sensuality. We find ourselves becoming more confident in the way we speak, walk and interact with others.It is no wonder that so many professional actors, performers and public speakers have taken up dance to improve their skills and confidence.

4. Break the monotony of our day to day life.

We all look for an outlet to add colour and fun to our lives. When we dance we become absorbed with the music, become focused on our steps and movements that we are literally forced to forget about everything else and just have fun.

Nothing could be more theraputic than that 🙂

Benefits of dancing are endless. Those of us who have found Dance in our lives know that to “Live is to Dance and to Dance is to live”. Make 2018 the year to start living - put a little fun in your life - TRY DANCING.

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