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How To Beat A Busy Schedule To Find Time To Dance

We’re all guilty of trying to squeeze too much into our lives, but when you don’t find time to dance you will begin to feel frazzled as you miss your regular fix of endorphins. Avoid stressing out and follow our top tips to beat your busy schedule to ensure that you keep up with your dance classes.

Learn to say no

While it’s considered good manners to accept all social invitations, it can be draining to lurch from one occasion to another and you’ll find you’re spreading yourself too thin to be of benefit to any of the events. By learning to politely decline requests you can structure your day so that you get time to yourself – and what better way to spend quality ‘me’ time, than losing your inhibitions at a dance class?

Ask for help

It’s not a crime to admit that you need help with everyday chores in order to free up a little bit of spare time. Far from being selfish for you to do what you want, it acts as a reset button on your emotions and gives you strength to deal with whatever life may bring in the week to come.

Use technology to your advantage

In a world of smartphones, tablets and apps, we can quickly feel the pressure of being constantly connected to our computers. The best antithesis to technology overload is to put down all your gadgets and let yourself feel the rhythm as you move your body to the music of a dance class. Ironically, one of the most effective ways to ensure that you achieve your hour of physical release is to use the glut of technology to your advantage. Organise your chores on a ‘To-Do List’ app, schedule reminder alerts to clear up thinking space, set up favourites and order your groceries online.

Motivate yourself

If you’ve done all the above and achieved some precious time to yourself, you might feel superglued to the sofa and disinclined to drag your weary body down to the dance studio. When you’re in need of motivation, simply rattle off the long list of benefits to dancing and you will find yourself skipping all the way to your class: it’s good for your fitness, mental health, heart, brainpower, bones, balance, self-confidence and soul.

Dance socially

If you’re really unable to free up 1 hour per week to attend a dance class, you can still get your footwork fix – instead of seeing your friends at the pub or going on a dinner date, make arrangements to meet at a social dance where you can practice your steps and let your hair down while catching up on the latest gossip.

If you’re feeling stressed and strung out, it’s even more important to juggle your schedule so that you’re able to keep up with your dance classes – your body, mind and soul will thank you for it!

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