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  • You’ve learned to dance the Rumba and you want to level-up your “slow dance” game. The Bolero is beautiful and expressive

  • You can unlock a whole new range of music to dance to. Contemporary, lyrical ballads are great to Bolero dance to

  • You will be able to impress and inspire others when you dance. Bolero is always admired on the dance floor

Rumba Bolero Latin Dance


The romantic Bolero is the slowest of the Latin dances. It combines controlled movement with dramatic expression of the music.

Slow Dance Latin

The Bolero is a smooth, sophisticated, sentimental love dance. The emphasis is on smoothness and graceful turns with much communication between partners. The slower music to which it is performed, enhances a feeling of romance.

The Bolero has different characteristics from its Cuban relative the Rumba. Its long sweeping side steps and use of rise and fall create a softness that makes this dance unique among the Rhythm dances. The expanding and contracting dance position makes a very dramatic and romantic statement.

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