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  • A living dance, West Coast Swing is classic and modern all at the same time


  • Live bands playing modern grooves set the pace for social dancing the West Coast Swing out and about.


  • A great extra rhythm to compliment any Swing dancer. Already know East Coast Swing or Jive? Then West Coast is similar enough to pick up without too much fuss but unique enough to keep things interesting.

West Coast Swing Classes


Smooth, sophisticated and super cool. West Coast Swing is a great dance to be enjoyed in clubs, pubs and bars to funky music.

West Coast Swing South Australia

The sophisticated style and ease of movement makes this dance a popular favourite of dancers. Its compact footwork and body connection develop a strong sense of lead and follow. Once you learn it, you’ll love it.

The West Coast Swing differs from other Swing dances because of its distinctive ‘dancing in a slot’ approach, where the lady’s movement takes her towards the man, not away, such as in a rock step.

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