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Taming the Tango

Updated: Feb 8

Stage 1:

Learning Tango from the beginning of your dance journey develops the skills of leading or following. Tango gets you moving through the body, and with connection to your partner you can feel exactly what your partner is dancing. These skills can then be applied to all dances.

Stage 2:

The use of fans and swivels teaches you how to open and close the body position. It is with layer of movement that the Tango starts to feel expressive and energetic.

Stage 3:

Once learning to lead or follow and explore closed and open positions it is time to learn to use sharper movements to add drama to your dancing. At this stage your Tango will start to move across the floor more.

Stage 4:

In the fourth stage, Tango teaches you the use of pivots and some really fun timing changes. Continuing to move around the floor and focus on good partnership, learning Tango helps develop better Fox Trot and Waltz dancing.

Start Taming the Tango now!

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