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Managing Hard Times Through Dance

Life has its good moments and its not so good moments. In our lowest, darkest moments it’s sometimes difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel; however, dancing has helped many people through troubled times. This blog will show how beneficial dancing can be through managing grief and hard times.

The wise Elle Woods once said “exercise releases endorphins; endorphins make you happy”. Whilst this line is from a comedic movie it is very much in-fact true. Dancing is a wonderful form of exercise and raises our dopamine levels, which our neurotransmitters associate with pleasure/happiness. These extra levels of endorphins can bring us back from dark moments and out of a saddened state.

Sometimes when we don’t feel our best we just want to curl up in bed, be alone and push people away. Being in our little blanket cocoon on our lonesome isn’t healthiest of choices to make. Dancing allows us to still socially interact with people, even if we don’t talk with them. Sometimes the company of others is what we need to help us feel better.

Lastly, Music has the power to help express our emotions. Listening to happy, upbeat music can help us feel better and when you put on your favourite song you can’t help but to sing and dance along. The atmosphere of a dance studio with its music and upbeat energy can help to bring out the happiness within and help you through tough times.

While life has those moments that get you down, we can’t be consumed by them and need to keep going. The benefits that dancing has can help us to move pass these times. Exercise, company and music are just some of the ways to help us cope. Click the link below for more information on getting started with your first lesson.

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