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2020 Vision

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

With the beginning of a new decade comes a moment of self reflection. What will be my next adventure? How can I take what I'm already doing to the next level? What will bring me happiness and fulfilment as I start the new year?

Ballroom and Latin dancing has proven to be timeless. A great way to stay feeling young and keep fit and a wonderful way to make friends and be social.

Contemporary Ballroom is a 'living' style of dance with new dances and patterns becoming popular every year. Dance styles change and evolve and popular music is always fresh and interesting.

What's popular now?

Waltz is still one of the most popular dances to learn - just watch the dance floor fill up when the band strikes up a Waltz next time you're on a cruise or at a formal ball.

Bachata has just about overtaken the Salsa as the most popular Club Latin style.

Rumba has proven to be the most popular dance choice for brides and grooms in 2019 with the trend expected to continue into the next decade.

The Night Club Two Step is a surprise 'old is new again' dance style that is popular at weddings and on the exhibition and competition floors.

All the classics like Tango, Samba and Swing are just as popular as they have ever been.

Whether you have an upcoming cruise, wedding or formal ball or just want to try something new, taking dance lessons is a fun and engaging way to have a blast in the '20s!

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