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3 excuses NOT to learn dance this decade

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

With only one year left before we start the '20s its time to review why you haven't learned how to dance this decade.

1. I don't know how to dance

As a dance teacher of 20 years, this has to be one of my favourite excuses that I hear!

When I sense that someone is a bit curious about ballroom dancing, I usually suggest that they take a handful of lessons to try it out.

"Oh no, I can't dance"

I always want to respond with something like: "That's EXACTLY WHY you take lessons!". I mean I wouldn't expect to be able to sit in a car and JUST KNOW how to drive the first time. With a bit of gentle guidance and practise I can LEARN how to operate the execrator and brakes, steering etc. And before I know it: I'm driving!

I think with dancing, people worry about needing to "BE A NATURAL" ... Don't. Dancing, like driving is learned :-)

2. I don't have a partner

I've written another blog about this, but the short recap here is that you don't NEED one. A great way to learn is one-on-one with your own instructor.

You can learn your own content at your own pace and you're the only one in the dance partnership wearing "L" Plates.

A good dance instructor will introduce their students to other dancers and provide groups, parties and organise Balls and trips out social dancing to give their students a chance to use the skills they learn with a VARIETY of partners.

3. I don't have enough time/money

This may well be true. But you never know until you try. Any good dance studio will be open on a full time basis with permanent staff, provide easy session times that you can enjoy in the evenings after work and be super-flexible when working out personal session times. You can expect to make good progress learning as little as 2 hours a week.

Any good studio will work out a tuition plan that:

A. suits your personal goals and outcomes

B. fits around your other obligations and

C. fits within a budget that you can put toward a hobby/life skill

So, what are you waiting for? Make some more excuses to put off learning to dance this year...or don't!

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