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How to perfect a dip

Whether you are slow dancing to a romantic love song or shaking your body to a high octane Latin number, nothing wows the crowd – or your partner – more than a daring dip. However, it will only be impressive if you pull it off correctly, and that definitely does not include dropping your other half on the head! If you come along to dance classes at Arthur Murray, we will teach you the tricks of the trade, but in the meantime, here is our step-by-step guide to perfecting the dip.

Check your surroundings

Before you begin any form of dip, you must take stock of the dance floor and check that you have enough room to safely lower and raise your partner. Only once you have secured your surroundings, should you proceed with the move.

Start with a turn

It is easiest to gain momentum for a dip if you move your partner away from you and gently spin her back in before the dip – that way you can use her momentum in the spin to manoeuvre her into the correct position.

Dual support

Whether you’re doing a one or two-handed hold for the dip, always make sure that you maintain solid contact with your partner and keep your arms tense so that you don’t drop her. Turn your partner so that you are using your strongest side to support her (depending if you are right or left handed) and place your hand in the middle of her upper back. Guide her hand to your neck so that she can hold on to you for additional support. Ideally the lady should have strong enough abs to hold her own weight, regardless of her partner’s support.

Brace yourself

Keep your stance wide and ensure your body is centred between your legs so that you do not over balance and lose your footing. By maintaining an upright posture, not only will the man look more dominant, but he will also remain in control of the step.

Lean for effect

Whether or not your partner is confident enough for a deep dip, you can enhance the visual effect by raising your leg and arching backwards, dropping your head slightly to the floor. As your flexibility and strength improves, this can be exaggerated further to give the impression of a dramatic dip.

Start slow

When you are practising a move, it is always best to start off with a slow number while you perfect the posture. Don’t think that the hard work is done as soon as you’re dipped the girl – you must remember to return your partner to an upright position!

Take a class

Learning to properly dip your partner, or be dipped, is an art form not a science, and while we can tell you the basic Dos and Don’ts, nothing beats learning for yourself in class. Whichever style of dance you choose, at Arthur Murray we can teach you exactly what, and what not, to do in order to safely and stylishly dip your partner.

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