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Get Social. With DANCE.

We all know the health benefits of dancing, but alongside the fitness aspect lies an equally valuable improvement to your social life – dancing isn’t known as the most fun exercise available for nothing.

Find new friends fast

Most dance classes don’t require you to bring a partner; instead you are paired with someone and then systematically moved around, so by the end of the evening you will have met everyone at least once. When you attend a dance class, you will be with other people at the same level as you – whether that’s beginner, intermediate or advanced – so you don’t need to worry about embarrassing yourself. More importantly, you’re all there for the same reason, so you already share a common interest. A dance class or club gives you a reason to talk to people in a structured social setting, offering you the perfect ice breaker, ‘do you want to dance?’

Up close and personal

Dancing breaks down personal physical barriers as well as conversational ones, and you will soon find yourself toe-to-toe with someone before you have a chance to think about being self-conscious. Some dances are closer in hold than others, but you need to connect with your partner no matter the style of dance.

Dressing up

Dancing is not just about the physical connection with others, it’s the chance for self-expression. Make the most of your new-found passion. Allow your dancing interest to infiltrate your style of clothing, both on and off the dance floor, as well as your choice of music and love of language or culture.

Grow with confidence

Your social skills will grow in line with your dancing feet – the more confident you feel about your performance, the easier and more comfortable you will be mixing with people – friends and strangers alike. Become an assertive and confident dancer and watch the rest of your personality follow.

Social fitness

Dancing is an excellent way to get fit, and there is no better way to stay healthy than through the social dance setting. Not only will you tone your muscles, lose weight and improve cardio stamina, but you’ll increase cognitive acuity and reduce stress. With all these physical benefits you’ll inevitably feel all-round improvements within yourself.

Natural high

Physical activity elevates mood levels by releasing endorphins into our bodies. Exercise, and dancing in particular, gives you a euphoric feeling which has been coined as a ‘natural high’ for the buzz achieved by cardio workouts. This sense of wellbeing and elation helps you mix with your fellow clubbers, without any need for other stimulants.

The ubiquitous hobby

Wherever you go, you can usually find an opportunity to dance or talk about your hobby. Wedding receptions and other major social events will have a dance floor crying out to be used. Pubs or clubs at home or on holiday will have music to get you moving and any concert or gig will have your toes tapping. Get out there and let dancing give new meaning to your social life.

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