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10 Places to use your dancing

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

So you’re thinking about learning partner dancing, but not sure where it would come in handy. Do people still even partner dance? Well, dancing is a bit like a new car - before you own one you never really notice it around and then once you buy it, suddenly you see the same car everywhere you go. There are opportunities all around us to dance, once you know how to - you’ll see them all the time. Here are just a few places where knowing how to dance can really step things up…

On holiday

Whether you’re in Europe or on an island beach - dancing is the perfect activity to add to your holiday to-do list. Go to a Salsa club in Cuba, dance Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires or try Blues dancing in New Orleans. Most cities in the world have their own unique social dance scene and knowing a little dancing enables you to get in and experience a place and culture on a whole new level. Added bonus - you’ll have way more interesting holiday snaps with all your new moves.

When you see a street performer

This one takes a little courage the first time but after you try having a dance to a busker, you’ll be glad you did. Musicians and dancers, have a special respect for one another so most musicians love it when a dancer jumps up and joins them for a song. It turns listening to live music into an experience that you can be a part of. We are there to supplement the performer, so keep things light and try not to steal the show, and be sure to tip - if you follow those cardinal rules, you’ll make a friend of the busker and get a bit of a rush from stepping out of your comfort zone.

At a gala ball

Dinner, drinks and dancing - the perfect trifecta! There’s something so lovely about donning your best outfit, stepping into a beautiful room and spinning the night away on the dance floor. And if you’re not the type that finds themselves invited to a lot of fancy gala events, not to worry, we have several every year that are full of dancing for you to glam up for!

At a party

There’s a point at every party where your friends (if they know you take dance lessons) will ask you to show them some moves. Its handy to have a dip and a twirl up your sleeve for such occasions! Even at parties where no one is partner dancing, you’ll find that because of the structure that learning to dance together has taught you, suddenly dancing solo is a breeze. Things like timing and style work just as well when you aren’t in frame.

On a first date

Want to take dating to a whole other realm - dancing gives you a serious advantage. In Sydney, there are usually places every night of the week to go out dancing in all sorts of styles. There are secret speakeasy bars with live-band Swing dancing and open air rooftop Salsa parties. Not a club person? There’s even afternoon tea dances at some of the most gorgeous town halls around town - there’s really something for every kind of date. So if you ever want to truly make an impression, dancing is the key to romance.

The unexpected moments

These really sneak up on you. For couples, its the song that comes on Spotify and makes you put a hand out mid-dish-washing and have a Rumba in the kitchen. For singles, its the time you’re out for a walk exploring a new city and find yourself dancing the night away on the banks of some river by twilight. I know, those sound like something out of a movie, but those things really do happen. Because when you learn to dance you open yourself up to different kinds of possibilities, you develop a taste for sharing a song with another person and being truly present. It’s a special thing.

When you grow up

Dancing is not something you have to use every weekend to find the value in - sometimes work is busy, life happens, kids happen, you take years off and think you’ll never get those skills back. But there it is, like riding a bike, only much easier on your joints. Dancing can be great for you at every stage of life, and you’ll be glad you know it for when those little moments come your way, even if it’s been years since you last went out dancing. Did we mention its fantastic for health, memory and energy?

Studio Parties

Arthur Murray dance studios have regular dance parties that are designed to help you build confidence on the dance floor. They are a great opportunity to practice leading and following other students, meet other dancers and have a great time on the dance floor.

Live Music

Lots of bars have great live music and going out dancing is a much better time than going to a bar only to sit, and start getting sleepy an hour in - or many that’s just me. Either way, as with busking, the key to this one - less is more, keep it social and laugh off any hiccups, you can always blame the drinks for any balance issues.

At a dance competition

I know what you might be thinking here. I thought we were talking about social dancing. When did we start talking about competitions? Well much like gala balls, dance competitions can be a lot of fun. You get to dress up in amazing costumes, do your hair and make up, get out on the floor and get stuck into dancing for a whole day. Most of our students are social dancers but love to use our full-day dance events as a way to use their dancing and to give them a goal to improve toward. Our events are friendly and fun, and we cheer each other on so its really more like a full day dance party than a “competition” anyway.

Weddings and honeymoons

Both weddings and honeymoons are all about romance, so it makes sense they’d go hand in hand with dancing. Whether you’re attending a wedding, learning your first dance or planning your perfect getaway - dancing can turn a plan into a genuine lasting memory. That’s why the best wedding pictures always come from the first dance. There you have it - ten places to use your dancing! If you’re new and feeling game you can even treat this as a bit of a bucket list for dancing and see how many you can cross off as you step out into the social dance world.

Happy dancing! Original article by Caitlin Hosking:

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