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  • You can enjoy dancing and getting fitter at the same time. The Mambo is up-tempo and can give you a great cardio work out

  • You will be able to enjoy dancing at clubs, dinner dances and cruises alike. The Mambo is a great way to bridge traditional social dancing and the modern club styles.

  • You will look and feel like a true dancer. Fast spins, fun trick moves and lots of variety give the Mambo a unique style to enjoy

Latin American Mambo Dance


The wild exciting music and rhythmical movements make the earthy Mambo irresistible.

Mambo Lessons in Adelaide

Mambo is a fusion of Cuban and American dancing. The music is characterised by a stirring Afro-Cuban beat. Mambo is an exciting dance which allows you to develop your own feeling and expression. Because Mambo is such a fun dance good Mambo dances are always popular and in demand as partners.

The components of Mambo are rock steps and side steps, and foot styling includes points, kicks or flicks. The Latin hip movement in Mambo is an important aspect of the dance. The overall flavour of the dance is contained in the translation of the word Mambo which means “shake it” or “say it.”

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