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The Lindy Hop is a fun, high-energy dance that is sometimes also known simply as 'Swing' (not to be confused with East or West Coast Swing.

Lindy Hop, or simply Lindy, is an old/new style which continues to be an innovative part of American culture. Although both the music and the dance have evolved from the Big Band days, the nostalgic appeal of that era lives on in new music and this exciting retro style dance the Lindy Hop.


  • You can dance to all the most popular up-beat music. From Latin beats to retro pop hits and Top 40 grooves

  • You will be able to enjoy dancing at parties and on cruises. The Cha Cha is a true favourite for any social dance night

  • You can have fun while keeping fit! The Cha Cha is up beat and energetic so you won’t even notice that you’re burning calories while tearing up the floor