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  • You can dance to all the most popular up-beat music. From Latin beats to retro pop hits and Top 40 grooves

  • You will be able to enjoy dancing at parties and on cruises. The Cha Cha is a true favourite for any social dance night

  • You can have fun while keeping fit! The Cha Cha is up beat and energetic so you won’t even notice that you’re burning calories while tearing up the floor

Do the Hustle


The Hustle gives us the fusion of Swing and Disco.

Disco Dance

The Hustle originated in the 1970’s Disco Era and was popularised by John Travolta in the movie ‘Saturday Night Fever’. Both the music and dance swept the country like wildfire and although the white suits and gold chains have faded away the dance has stayed. It is still one of the most popular nightclub dances today.

Turns, spins and wraps are the primary components of Hustle. The more accomplished dancers will use syncopated timing and fakes along with elaborate arm styling.

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