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  • You can dance to all the most popular country music. From Miley Cyrus, Old Skool Taylor Swift, Karl Urban and the classics like Anne Murray and more. 

  • Impress everyone at the next Country Music Festival or Honkey Tonk with that best moves.

  • The Country Dances are super easy to learn and are heaps of fun

Two Step Lessons


Over the past two decades Country Western dancing has found a steady rise in popularity. Today’s Country music encompass a wide variety of tempos and feelings.

Country Dance

Two Step

The most popular and widely danced of all the CW dances. Originally an unpolished style of Fox Trot, the Two Step has taken on its own look and has become a uniquely stylised dance that reflects the contemporary style of today’s music.


Three Step

Many CW song writers and composers use a unique Latin sounding rhythm as a basis of many popular tunes. The Three Step, with its subtle hip action and small movements, is the perfect dance for this Country/Latin fusion sound.



Sometimes called the Double Two Step or Travelling Swing, the Shuffle is a combination of Two Step and the popular East Coast Swing. This makes Shuffle a very versatile dance., allowing a mix and match of patterns which can result in some exciting variations.


The Country Western style also includes a laid back and Country styled version of the Cha Cha, a ‘one-step’ timing version of the Single Swing and an easy going Progressive Waltz.

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