Waltzing T-Rex, Flapping Cuban Chicken on a thousand mile journey

“Okay, pause for a second,” she says, holding one hand up and gripping her chin with the other. We are frozen mid-step, as the senior instructor walks around to inspect the situation further. “I think I see the problem.” She squints, frowns slightly, nods seriously to herself and then shares a conspiratorial look with our teacher and my wife. And? “You’re looking like a T-Rex,” she laughs uproariously, bringing her elbows close into her hips and waggling her forearms frantically. Johanna and our teacher share the laughter. “Extend those arms further,” she says, gently after calming down, “And then you’ll have plenty of space for the turns.” Slightly embarrassing, yes. But forever after, if o

Rhythm dances for all occasions

Cha Cha This dance remains so popular because it is the best dance for couples to dance to when the band or DJ plays up-tempo pop music. The music could be a classic from earlier in the 20th century, a retro hit from the '80s or '90s or a chart busting Top 40 modern song. If it's high energy and up-beat, Cha Cha is the best way to go! Rumba The lights go down and the mood is set. The band or DJ plays a romantic ballad. Time to dance the Rumba! The Rumba is still your best option when you're out dancing and the tempo slows down. Swing Rock'n'Roll baby! Great music deserves great dancing. The best thing about learning Swing is that you can easily change it up as the tempo speeds up or slows do

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